Thursday, August 31, 2006

So What now?

It took me a while to get composure, be in the right frame of mind and be willing to post something new.I've been working on disperate issues, juggling ideas,thoughts,emotions and relatively,time. It seems more often than rare, that time is forever one's enemy. During the last 3 weeks i was invited by a friend to join their new company and offer my insight and knowledge in order to add value to "our" service offering. From the outside this bunch of people looked "professional" and "as if" they know what they wanted to do. I went in with both heart, mind, soul to try and become an asset to this new born company. The current project that made them to invite me was mouthwatering to say the least and i had a history in the related industry.

So, i made efforts to arrange all components required to get this project off the ground and do it successfully. I was befuddled to realise that i was working with a bunch of chance-takers (don't get me wrong, i love proactive people who take their chances well) but these guys hardly had a plan. A simple f*cking plan. There was no direction, no uniformity, no idea of what the f*ck they were doing. I was sold a dead duck! F*ck! I was brought in (the company) by lies and deceit. I was told that half the ground work has been done but believe me when i say : Nuttin' of that sort was there! I put my reputation on the line, made promises to people, interacted with credible entities only find out that my people are far from being credible. There was a lot of wrongs that there could never be rights. I say this because people need to learn to be professional and efficient in what ever "business" dealings they engage in.

I have since retracted my services from the "Looney bunch" and told them where to stick it..
I hope this is a lesson learned (to them). U can't f*ck with greatness if you are not close to it or have to particular formal approach. In the words of Tupac "Plan, Plot, Strategize" muthaf*ckerz!

Now-back to my old self... Spring has sprung and hope with it, brings some "light". Enjoy whatever that u do and do it well. Nuff said.

BlackModz Saund System

In this post yours trully delivers a classic "BlackModz Saund System" ragga / dancehall session. The riddim selexion ranges from Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, Bushman, Luciano, Damien Marley, Red Rat, Buju Banton, Beenie Man,Tanya Stephens, Sean Paul, Marlon Asha. This is one mix thats sure to get you skankin' it easy! There will be more to come to come for now enjoy dis one.

To dload go to :

If u get stuck let me know but I and I trust that you can overcome.

Mo' Faya!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

As the curtains keep closing

It's with rather sad emotions that i jot down this post. I got a call from one of my family friends that one of the young women we went to school ( like middle & high school) with passed away a few weeks ago and due to the belated news I and I could not attend the funeral. One thing that prompted me to write about this is that this is the 3rd close friend of mine (from back then) who passed away due to AIDS and this comes in a time when they are just getting into their "prime". These people are the kind of students one would envy (back then) as they were "famous", could get any guy/girl they wanted, in short they were the "it". Even though they were more "active" than others (like us,commoners) they were my friends and their lives have been cut short.

This is having a crippling effect on the economy. There's a missing age group,these are the people who we call economically active.Their market capitalisation value always an upward trend.Visionary, Innovative, Insightful, Incredible people we lose.For a mother who raised his son,gave him the best education money can but only for him to be killed by Sex? Seems pretty hush and stupid but that's reality,how a moment's pleasure can be the death of man.

These curtains keep closing,one by one, drape by drape. I hope we learn from our fallen friends,lovers,families,enemies,most cherished,most hated. Let's get our priorities straight. Life's too short. If u are currently between 23-27, this is the time to make all your money,by 30 u must be able to retire. Can't be working by 50,No f*cking way!Not even working for yourself, no! Rather let the money work for me!

So, R.I.P to all that hath fallen. Hope all is well. For those left behind this is the time to mend your ways and be true to what is true to you.

Here a few kind words, Irie Still!

Farewell To My Friend
by Doug Boren
Monday, September 29, 2003


The swirling snow, upon the wind,
As I say farewell to my friend…

Soothes my heart in some small way,
And I hardly feel the cold this day.

It must have been a day such as this,
Maybe it was snow, maybe the mist…

When you were born so long ago…
But now it’s goodbye, amidst the snow.

A strong man, a gentle man, you have ever been,
In our brief encounter, you became my friend.

For it seems I have always known you somehow,
Though the years were denied us, giving only the now.

Would that we had laughed, and shared those times,
But fate denied us living in those climes.

You were a dancer, and smiler, too,
Oh, how I wish I had seen that from you.

Your flowing white hair, so clean and bright,
Stirred the hearts of thy ladies both day and night.

I think of you so long ago,
Flying over distant lands…you are my hero.

Strange, it seems, I can see your youth,
And I can see your spirit, and that’s the truth.

You worked so very hard all your life,
To provide for your children, and lovely wife.

Such sacrifice and giving, day by day,
You were a man, who would never sway.

Your daughter often played at your feet,
Her innocence, and love, ever so sweet.

Though you fought your slumber, she received your smile,
Yes, my friend, you always went the extra mile.

Hard work, devotion, and purpose, too,
These describe just a bit of you.

Thy son is such a serious man,
Sensitive, and righteous, he makes his stand.

He is a lot like you, I perceive,
In his caring, and strength, I do believe.

And of your wife, what can I say,
On this, her most torturous day…

Your love was shared always, and true ,
And she has always been in love with only you.

A lifetime you spent, through good times and bad,
But you were the only love that she ever had.

And with the passing of the years,
You were as One with her, through laughter and tears.

You can be proud of your life’s success…
As a husband, and father, you were the best.

I have stroked your face, and held your hand,
Caressed your brow, with my trembling hand.

I feel that you knew my feelings for you,
Even though each other, we hardly knew.

I remember the times that our eyes would meet,
And somehow our spirits then would greet.

I have known a part of you, my new found friend,
And I thank God I was with you towards the end.

But it is not really the end, I know,
For our beginning is just starting to grow.

For we have made a bond, you and me,
That shall last through all eternity.

I promised you that I would care for your wife,
As well as your daughter, all my life.

You needn’t worry about them at all, ever.
For I shall be with them, and forsake them never.

Jim, you are my friend, and father too,
And I have come to love you, yes, it’s true .

You gave me purpose, in many ways,
Not just for you, but your ladies, till the end of my days.

I thank you, Sir, for touching my life,
And thereby bonding me, to your daughter and wife.

And so on this mid winter’s day, with snow gently falling,
And the swirling wind that seems to be calling…

Not just farewell, but a beckoning, too,
Through our love and memories, we will always have you.

For you have not gone, but simply returned,
Unto your Heavenly Father, for Whom we all yearn.

Amongst the angels, you now reside,
Standing there, without a trace of pride.

And the happiest thought that I would say,
Is the certitude of our reunion, some unknown day.

Farewell, my friend, who touched me deep,
Within God’s arms thou dost sleep.

I love you, I miss you, my special friend…
I bid thee farewell, until we meet again.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who dem Rastas?

In 1930 in Ethiopia, Ras Tafari Makonnen was crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords with the throne-name Haile Selassie the First and a new chapter in the struggle, one with religious connotations, was opened. God was finally real and the Christian doctrine was no longer the monopoly of white missionaries with headquarters in Rome. The bible was studied and any reference to Ethiopia took on added significance.

Ethiopia, being attacked by Italy at the start of the second world war galvanized interest and concern in the struggle of good over evil. During this period, the Ethiopian World Federation was formed in the United States of America under the guidance of the Emperor Haile Selassie the First, to unite the support for the restoration of Ethiopia's sovereignty. After the war, and the defeat of Italy, the Emperor showed his appreciation by donating land at Shashamane, to anyone of African descent in the west who wanted to return to the mother-land. Time, however, was creating Africans with various aspirations. New generations were producing new societies of Africans in the West.

Independent nations were beginning to form and black majority rule was imminent. In Jamaica, the reverence of Emperor Haile Selassie continued to create distinguishable movements, such as Nyabinghi, the Ethiopian National Congress or Bobo dreads, the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel, founded by the Prophet Gad, has added another dimension in the liberation movement, to include liberation for all races through the teaching of the bible, and the acceptance of Jesus Christ. Membership is not limited, but inclusive. By identifying the spiritual sons of Jacob and finding truth for oneself through reading the bible "a chapter a day", man can find salvation. The divine lineage continues through the Ethiopian Monarchy, the seed of David, of which it is said, "The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from beneath his feet, until Shiloh comes and unto Him will be the gathering of the people."

To Rastafarians, Selassie was much more than just a political leader; Rasta theology centered on the divinity of Selassie as a living manifestation of Jah, the all-knowing and all-loving God. To Rastafarians, the story told by the Old Testament pertains to black Africans who descend from Abraham and Jacob. But white Christians altered this fact to keep Africans in a substandard position. Rastafarians refer to this oppression as "Babylon", with obvious references to a state of slavery and cultural tyranny that all blacks must overcome. To greater represent the truth, Rasta rejects the Bible used by most Christians, opting instead for a "black man's Bible" known as the Holy Piby.

Rastafarians have developed a unique language and outward appearance, best exemplified by the dreadlock Hairstyle. Rastafarians also have placed a high value on smoking marijuana (ganja), which is used for meditation and to reflect completely on the word of Jah. Rasta has never been strictly defined, but it continues to exist it pockets all over the world, though mainly in Jamaica. The demise and common man's death of Haile Selassie in 1974 discouraged some believers, and Rastafarians have never been liked by the authorities due to its endorsement of marijuana and its excitation of violence. Nevertheless, Rastafarians continue to follow the word of Jah: "ever-loving, ever-fearful, ever-sure as Selassie

I the First." Rasta World Day Without sense.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

IT JUST HIT ME!,like now...

Yep!It just hit me..the truth... a truly blinding realisation of the "actual" occurence / situation. In life you (yes u) must be the driver to go and find the hidden treasure (what ever your fancy is). To quote Desiderata : " You are the child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars - You have the right to be here"

To quote Brand New Heavies : " You are the universe and there's nothing you can't do! If you can concieve it then you can achieve it, that's why i believe in you and you believe in me"

To sit and wait for the earth to spin / orbit till it stops on your name is irresponsibly,stupid. I'm actually gatvol of people who sit, literally, on their fat bums and wait for ish to be done for them. It doesnt really take much to do something. Last night i had 5 seconds to make a decision and whichever choice i make it had it's own repercussions. I made the wrong one and an hour later i was paying for it with my happiness in exchange for some momentary sadness. The moral of the story is that i believe i was proactive enough to make the decision. I didn't wait for someone to come and make it for me. As black and white the options were - i knew there's always the aftermath.

Now to all bummers who sit and wait for me and the rest of the working, get-up-and-get-my-own-sh*t type of people - I just suggest you wake up and smell the f*cking rotten eggs since the smell of coffee obviously didn't do the trick! Get up! Get up! To quote a great man HS : " Move, jou fokken njaahh!"

Time ticks
With my ideas my brain itches
Time talks
Know where u going, get yo own clocks
Not time for procrastination
We need deep monetary penetration
Some wicked sensation
Wake up my BLACK nation....

I'm actually very proud of all the knowledge and talents GOD has given me and try to embrace it in its truest form. I suggest you do the same. Maintain. Up yo game!
I always tell people worth telling that it's very unfair to wake up and come to work 300 times in a year and only get paid 12 times. Be your own boss. Get paid major 300 times! If thats not enough you can add the weekends and pump it upto 352!
We as blacks sometimes excersize not judgement, none what so ever..(i hold it till next time)

The nic is calling-i guess ya'll are saved by the smoke...


The Wedding Anniversary

1st - 10th Anniversaries

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your wedding anniversaries. Both the traditional and modern gift suggestions for 1st through 10th anniversaries are listed. If u make it past 10th let me know,i'll update to include u too

Anniversary symbols and ideas for celebrating your anniversary are included.

1st Wedding Anniversary

2nd Wedding Anniversary

3rd Wedding Anniversary

4th Wedding Anniversary

5th Wedding Anniversary

6th Wedding Anniversary

7th Wedding Anniversary

8th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
    Modern Gifts: Linens or Lace

9th Wedding Anniversary

10th Wedding Anniversary

Monday, August 14, 2006


In this post we deal with Soccer Formations. I hope most of our "professional" coaches in the PSL can learn a thing or two as most of our teams play like a Sunday League team, with no one issuing constructive instructions or even advising them on formations or structural play.

I hope the info below will aide some of our rather technically inferior teams. Enjoy!

Strategies: Offense

Many factors can influence what formation you employ against an opponent. Perhaps the most utilized formation is the 4-4-2 formation, listed from back to front as Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards. You will need to consider several factors in determining which formation to use.

  • Your opponents offensive strength.
  • Your opponents defensive strength.
  • Your teams offensive strength.
  • Your teams defensive strength.
  • The size of the field, or pitch in England. A large field may require you to play a direct style of soccer, utilizing long passes down the field, whereas a small field may require a more controlled, possession style of play.
  • The score of the game. You may choose to protect a lead, or need to generate more offense.
  • The weather conditions. A wet sloppy field may require that you play the ball more in the air than normal or add an extra defensemen in case a player slips and falls, leaving the ball-handler unmarked

4-4-2 formation
4-4-2 Formation:
4 defenders, 4 midfielders,and 2 forwards. Very effective if you have two strong forwards that can outmaneuver and outrun the defense.

If you are playing a very strong offensive team, the 4 midfielders allow you more opportunities to tackle the ball and clear to your goal while the 4 defensemen give you greater defensive capabilities.

4-2-4 formation
4-2-4 Formation:
4 defenders, 2 midfielders and 4 forwards. The 2 midfielders will assist on both offense and defense. These should be excellent all around players with good durability.

On offense, they will generally assume ‘wing’ positions, keeping the ball in their offensive zone should an attempt be made to clear the ball. On defense, they will drop down in a position to accept clearing passes and move the ball downfield to the forwards.

3-4-3 formation

3-4-3 Formation:
3 defenders, 4 midfielders and 3 forwards. Utilized mostly when you are behind in a game and need to create more scoring opportunities.

In lieu of pulling a defensive player, you could also bring up a midfielder into a 3-3-4 formation.

I picked these ones as they (according to me) prove to be more offensive of the whole pack.
Happy Footballing!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When thugs cry- The DJ spins some more!!!!

More visuals from the BlackModz SaundSystem.Mo' Faya!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mo' Visual Kandy

Santa in the Hizza!(rather making a dash for it!)

Pix are taken from my numerous wonderings around the country...Geniet!

The Use of Computers to Support Oppression / Apartheid

The Use of Computers to Support Oppression

Computer technology enabled the government to organize and enforce such an atrocious system of segregation and control.
More than any other single technological advancement, the computer fostered the concentration of administrative power in the hands of Africa's white elite. [NAR82]
Despite the U.N. arms embargoes, American computers were in widespread use throughout South Africa. The United States was the largest supplier of computers used in South Africa. American computers were in use in virtually every governmental agency, the police system, and the military, all of which contributed to the control system known as apartheid. Computer technology did not merely support the system of oppression, rather the entire country was utterly dependent upon it. As the managing director of the South African subsidiary of Burroughs Corporations said,
We are entirely dependent on the U.S. The economy would grind to a halt without access to the computer technology of the West. No bank could function; the government couldn't collect its money and couldn't account for it; business couldn't operate; payrolls could not be paid. Retail and wholesale marketing and related services would be disrupted. [NAR82]

IBM advertisement The extensive history of the export of American computer technology began in 1952 with an order for the first "electric tabulator" to IBM-South Africa. Three years later, the streamlining of the hated pass system resulted in an automated population register implemented on foreign computers. 1970 found South Africa with an estimated four hundred computers -- a value of about one hundred million dollars. The number of computers continued to grow, totaling more than forty five hundred in 1982. In 1977, only the U.S. and Britain spent more on computer technology than South Africa as a percentage of gross national product, while in 1980, 75% of the computers in South Africa were purchased from American corporations. South Africa continued to import a large number of computers despite an attempt by the government to promote domestic production. Local products accounted for less than 5% of South African computer equipment sales in 1988. Many of these sales occured despite restrictions in U.S. law.

American corporation IBM was the largest computer supplier in South Africa throughout the years of apartheid. In 1978 alone, IBM's South African sales jumped 250%; total annual sales amounted to approximately three hundred million dollars in 1982. Not only did IBM contribute tremendous computing power to the South African apartheid system, but of the fifteen hundred South African workers employed by IBM in 1982, less than 20% were classified as coloured, black or Asian. IBM continually asserted that the applications of their computers were not used to abridge human rights, despite acknowledgment that the uses to which their computers were put could not be known in all cases. In fact, the South African Parliament made it illegal for companies to report the uses of their computers. Although IBM officially divested from South Africa in 1987, their products continued to be distributed by Information Services Group.

We will first consider the sale of computers to the South African government, followed by an investigation of sales to the police, then to the military. The number of computers used by the government is not to be underestimated: the government absorbed 41% of all South African computer sales in 1986. Even if thesesales were made to "non-repressive" agencies, or sold for supposedly "non-repressive" purposes, the technology contributed to the repressive system for two reasons. First, the computers were often used for purposes other than the expressed intentions. Second, the government was extremely highly centralized and tightly controlled in order to protect the "sovereignty" of the country.

The significance of the role of U.S. computers in S.A. [was] not restricted to their use by repressive agencies of the government. [Leo80]

It is likely that the tool which made the most crucial contribution to the system of apartheid was the computerized population register. The Plural Affairs Department maintained the passbook system on the more than twenty five million Africans defined as black. These records were all kept electronically on British-made ICL hardware. The Department of the Interior maintained the "Book of Life" files on the other seven million citizens classified as non-blacks using an IBM hardware system. The passbook records included data on "racial classification", name, sex, date of birth, residence, photo, marital status, drivers license, dates of departure from and return to the country, place of work or study, and fingerprints. One South African described the population register at work as,

Computers flashing out reference numbers, photocopies relayed by telephone, perhaps even instant transmission of fingerprints-all to keep track of members of the population. Sounds like George Orwell's 1984, doesn't it? Well it's South Africa's way of modernizing and streamlining its pass and influx control system. [NAR82]

PASSBOOK PICTURE The main purpose of the population registry was administration of the influx control system, a system which channeled needed black workers into the labor force to be exploited, and confined others to the desolate homelands. The passbooks, which every black person was automatically given at the age of sixteen, coupled with the computer database, guaranteed one's instant identification and one's history of government opposition. If these passbooks were properly endorsed, the owner had the right to work or live in "white areas", and lack of these endorsements or failure to produce the passbook resulted in arrest and jail. Many were detained for months at a time without a trial and their families were not given notification of their whereabouts.

The Bantu boards were the local branches of the minority government for the black townships, which ran the housing for black workers, known as the hostel system, as well as the Bantu tax system. It also administered a complicated system of permits and controls which governed the movement of blacks. This system broke down the structure of the African family, as the workers were prohibited from living with their families. Rent and taxes were significantly higher for blacks than for whites in other districts, leaving the workers with very little on which to subsist. This system is little different from organized slavery. Virtually all the computers used in the Bantu Boards were of foreign origin. In 1982, the East Rand Bantu Administration Board, a board located near Johannesburg, rented computers for which they paid R228,000 per year, a sum totaling over one fourth of what it spent on housing for blacks in an average year. These computers were used for financial matters and registered blacks for the labor allocation system.

The Department of Justice used imported computer equipment , which implicitly sanctioned police violence and torture against opponents of apartheid, both black and white. The Department of Prisons held political prisoners without trial, and used an IBM computer for "financial" purposes. The Department of Prisons used two Data General Nova computers. The Department of Labor controlled the terms and conditions of work under apartheid, i.e., no black worker could supervise a white worker, black trade unions were not recognized, and most strikes were illegal. Computer equipment was also used in the Department of the Prime Minister, the South African Reserve Bank, South Africa's electrical utility, and the Treasury Department. The South African police made active use of the population registry. In 1982, they examined 179,285 fingerprints stored in the population registry, making 13,024 positive identifications. Eight hundred and fifty thousand queries were made at display screens.

Using remote terminal links, police operators at regional centers around the country [had] immediate access to a secret criminal data bank which stores details about anyone on the government's wanted list. [Slo90]
This gave the police remarkable power over political opposition. The population registry was not the only computerized resource the police had to aid in controlling the citizens. Foreign products such as X-ray machines to check personal possessions, passbook fingerprinting equipment, and communications logging recorders were all available to the South African police. Electronic sensing equipment, infrared alarm systems, and photo identifications systems were on the market as well. Their use in repressing the citizens is obvious. IBM even marketed a "Law Enforcement System" software package, but later denied that it had developed or marketed it when IBM realized the product might jeopardize sales at home. Philips marketed an "Access Control System" which registers who enters a building where and when. Seemingly innocuous software could be applied to disastrous ends. For example, a city planning software package available in the 1980's helped the police to design black townships with the goal of allowing maximum police access and control in cases of revolt.
Given the mission of the private police industry, its allegiance with Pretoria's police, military and other state departments, and given the complete lack of procedural rights and safeguards for non-whites, it would be naive to assume that U.S. security and surveillance gear sold in S.A. is not used as a tool of repression. [NAR82]

As the largest arm of the government, the bulk of the computer equipment purchased by the state undoubtedly found its way into the various military branches despite the fact that the military was the express target of the U.N. sanctions. The military utilized advanced equipment not only in its invasion and occupation of Namibia, but also in the Total War against its people. The South African Defense Force had six major computing centers; these computers were used to analyze battlefield data, guide weapons, transport equipment, and send notices to draftees. Computers were used at the Silvermine naval database to monitor naval movements around the coast of South Africa, in the Air Force's early-warning radar system, and in satellite communications. A majority, if not all, of the components of these systems were of foreign origin.

One reason for the military's dependence on computers was the severe personnel shortage, since only whites were drafted. The ratio of front-line soldiers to support troops was 1:1.3; the norm is at least 1:3. Computers enabled the support of the front lines, and were also integral to many weapons used on the front lines.

The speed of modern warfare necessitates support and help from several staff officers. It is impossible to keep up with a lean mobile force unless you use a computer. [Slo90]
IBM lost no time in providing the military with all the computers it needed. These and other foreign computers were routed around the sanctions by exporting to the Armaments Development Production Corporations (ARMSCOR), the government-owned company responsible for the development and acquisition of arms. The U.S. exported computers to ARMSCOR, under the pretense that they would be used for "inventory maintenance" purposes.

Who the F*ck is J, Edgar Hoover?

J. Edgar Hoover

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Hoover in 1961
Hoover in 1961

John Edgar Hoover KBE (January 1, 1895May 2, 1972) was the founder of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in its present form and its director from May 10, 1924, until his death in 1972. Hoover was appointed acting director of the FBI by President Calvin Coolidge to reform and clean up the bureau, which was considered a haven for corruption. During his tenure, Hoover attained extraordinary power and unusual discretionary authority, while also feuding with many adversaries. It is because of Hoover that, since his tenure, FBI directors have been limited to ten-year terms.

Hoover is credited with creating an effective law enforcement organization but has frequently been accused of exceeding and abusing his authority in blackmailing notable public figures and engaging in unwarranted political persecution. Hoover's COINTELPRO program allowed FBI agents to disrupt organizations such as the Black Panther Party, Martin Luther King Jr.'s SCLC, and the Ku Klux Klan using methods including infiltration, legal harassment, violence, and murder (Fred Hampton, Zayd Shakur, and Mark Clark). Hoover habitually fired FBI agents, either randomly or by singling out those who "looked stupid like truck drivers" or had "pointy heads." He was also notorious for relocating agents who had displeased him, such as Melvin Purvis, to career-ending jobs in cities with little need for an FBI presence. Despite this, Hoover was also known to be a supporter of civil rights and liberties on several occasions, most notably for his vocal opposition to the mass internment of Japanese-Americans that took place during World War II.

Visual Kandy...

Easily Said than Done

After a long self-imposed ban, i've returned to middle earth a better being.I've been faced with countless challenges that warrants oneself to do some high-end introspection. One thing definate is that we can't always be the pleaser... There comes a time when whatever emotion we emit needs to be reciprocated.It's within this parable that i, most often than not, find myself puzzled. How hard can it be to make a choice that wont come back and bite you in the bum? Keepin' mum won't ensure the pleasure of the warmth of the sun! Will you make a run ?

There's really not an approved and certified logic that one can apply. It's the uncertainty, i guess, that makes it more interesting and moreso, exciting.What we see and believe is not always the rigt thing BUT in absence of right can we surely say only wrong exists? If we never crossed paths with "wrong" then what we perceive as right, even though it's wrong, is justifiably ....right. Right?

Is it possible to base ones opinions on the unknown? Can we really plan for what we know nothing of? So, in the absence of knowledge, what is left or there? I bliv what's there is the knowledge of the absence of knowledge.(still with me?)

All we can rely on is US. We CAN forge ahead and become succesful and wonderful beings. We can survive. We WILL survive.

Let it marinade.