Thursday, November 30, 2006

Too legit to quit!

I find it hard sometimes to understand the thinking of man. We are full of potential yet lack that killer effort that makes the difference. For sometime now, i have been pondering on the next move i should be making, the kind of decision that will most definitely make or break the bank. I find myself analyzing things to the N-th degree, which is logically in my nature, but recently it has gotten to a stage where i find corners in a circle, deeply hidden in the circumference.

Wow. Great thoughts. The times we live in are of paramount importance as we are writing the most interesting part of our South African history. We all want to be there, to stand and be counted, to lift our voices and sing (whatever the victory song). We have to be there. We got to be there. It's too legit to quit. It's the crest of a wave that entices man to think way outside the norm.
To break the mental boundaries. To take that step. I for one want to be there. The past weekend was a revelation to me, i saw lives that were being lived. Yes. Lived to the fullest.
I hope our people can realize that these opportunities are there for the taking. They are there to be exploited. They are there to be mined.

I 'm going for mine. I hope you'll go for yours.
I can't stop now.
I wont stop now.
I come too far to break down now
It's the showdown - take a bow
It's the shakedown - take a leaf of my life book
Plant, sow and reap the rewards
Not really doing it for the awards
But my ish is on point like darts
as i sink my teeth in the bite
Rise up!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Silly Twista : BlackModz does House!

In a rare but occasional occurance, the BlackModz dishes out a Silly Twista : House music mix. The selection is thumping to say the least, from Alcazar, Madonna, 2Unlimited, Harley&Muscle, Armand van Heerden, The Deep, Durban's Finest, Dj Fresh, dj Mbuso, Vetkook vs Mahoota!!!!
This is one for the summer house jams. Enjoy.. To download,go to:

Mo' Faya in the dance halls.