Friday, March 17, 2006

Artistik Visual Candy

Well, due to a lot of work,yes i do Well, due to a lot of work,yes i dowork(sometimes) i have been unable to post anything in the last few days but brace your self coz, I'm back with candy for your eyes.During my numerous wonderings in my beloved country i have taken snaps of particular interest and am willing to showcase them.Like it or not :It's ART.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Technical Aspect

It seems that all our lives revolves around machines simplifying what could still(in some cases must) be done by us,the human race. Yes, the technically technical machines do help, ease the load of human intervention, save time which is indeed money(lost of it) and to some extent take away our jobs. I find it very pleasing when these applications seamlessly put us in touch with our loved ones,they close that distance in a matter on rings...

I consider myself,well,technically astute and what interests me most is the "Middleware" or to be politically correct, the API (Application Program[ing] Interface). This is one,in my opinion, most imperative component of our technology stack.Layman's terms:

Take 2 cellphones. Cell-A makes the call to Cell-B,what transpires after u press the green (dial) button,the API kicks in.The reason they call it middleware is that it sits between the "Hardware"(our case, cellphones).The Cell-A's API will execute scripts that inter alia,checks if you have money,where u calling from,who you want to call and so forth,all this happens against a Server/Host(in our case, the big-mean monsterous super computer that holds everyones details,cell details that is. The mean monster,if happy of the conditions met, will route your call to Cell-B and (CLI)caller line identification come into place,simply put, tells Cell-B that Cell-A is calling.

When this technology fails, our worlds tend to grind backwards.We are over-dependent on them that without it, the results are cataclysmic!

I just had my fair share of technicall-irregularities today and was in a not so tech-friendly mood. I believe i was fine before i knew how it works,now that it doesnt want to work(mostly often) when i know how it works,pisses me off.

for now, i need to have a drag of my siggy,which by the way were made by machines with API in 'em.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Eternal Link

Funny how we meet people and for ages to come they still have an impact in our lives, even when you haven't seen or spoken to them in many moons. For instance take my friend Ras Tafari, we haven't spoken or seen each other for ages but when my phone rang this morning and it was Ras on the other end, i knew today is a good day indeed. Around 08H45 this morning i got a call from Lazzara Leecher to inform me that my asset is ready for the taking,splendid! i thought to myself. What a great start to the day,to add more vodka to the magharita, Ras called as if the universe was on my dial. This is one of the very few people that i shared my life with and with their influence shaped the kind of person i am today. The eternal link i have with Ras Tafari is one that can't be quantified in any monetary terms, it's like we were made to meet and be friends.

A lot has come and gone between us but one thing that remains constant is our understanding of each other and our trully blessed friendship.If i ever had to choose a friend again, Ras would the one.1Love Ras,keep the fire burning..Babylon mus' gwan down.Irie still.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Missy Elliot in South Africa

As per promise made, below are the pix of Missy when she came thru to club WhooZoo in Midrand,Jozi. It was a normal tuesday night, the club packed with a crowd of +300 strong crunlzillas.She came,we saw and it was all over and back to work for some of us who left at 05H30 in the mo'. Honestly she's not your prolifc rapper in terms of verse delivery but she compensates that with her dancers, hard-hitting club beats and he personna which i recently don't hold in the highest regard since checking out her "Road to Stardom with Missy" reality show. She got it right on one of her songs that she's a b***ch!,Anywhoo,enjoy the pix. "

Once Upon A POET!

here's a lil sumin' i wrote 3-4 yrs ago, it was actually a hiphop track and i cut it short to make a poem.. and the other one i just felt like taking ish of my chest,yes,we do get high and say strange thingz..enjoy!

Life Could Never Be Another Jail

Life could never be another jail
Leaving me sad and pale
Wish I could rewind the days
Change the decision I made
I'm caught up in a situation
Contemplating on the next move
I should be making
Need to change course in my direction
Escape this sick repetition
Life could never be another jail
Got a thousand things to say In love triangles
Peeps are left dazed in tangles
Leave space for when things dismantles
As it aint roses and gloom
When emptiness fills the room
Free your dome Needless to say
We craft our own ways
Our thoughts determines how we play
As Life could never be another jail.

Copyright ©2006 BlackModz


Someday i know it'll end
all the pain,suffering,the struggle
but today i need to make ammends
Someday it'll burst,my bubble
with eyes wide open i wait
eagerly hoping i wont be late
Someday all this will turn
to joy,success,love,oneness with
the universe,provoke me to write
a verse my thoughts i'll disperse
Someday comes after some days
here today gone tomorrow
leaving me in sorrow
Maybe someday is just another day
Today is the day to enjoy life
Accept the food on my platter
But it needs to get better
Empty soul full of hope
Darkness cant rule my life
All will be revealed....someday

Copyright ©2006 BlackModz

Friday Nyte- 03-03-2006

on friday i went to some live hiphop gig at Baseline,Newtown and it was off the hinges. There were live perfomances from Bongo Maffin and HipHop Pantsula.Man!! did they rok!

Well see pix below.Enjoy. Watch out for my Missy Elliot pix when she was down here in Jozi,South Africa....

It was a night to remember as we experienced the making of our own "the Roots" band in Mzansi.(South Africa).a 9 piece band was on fire with at least 6 women,my favourite,BigMama was stringing the Base guitar.mother!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's ALIVE !!!

Well, it was definately about time to get my thoughts dispersed online.. my woman has been nagging me to get it up and running.Well,there it is! This is one cyber-mental space where the only rules are : there aint no rules and he who abides by the rules,is some fool.

For now i'm gonna light up and think of outta space technologies that might not be beneficial to us.

ps:by the's good to be alive