Thursday, May 18, 2006

So What now?

It took me a while to get composure, be in the right frame of mind and be willing to post something new.I've been working on disperate issues, juggling ideas,thoughts,emotions and relatively,time. It seems more often than rare, that time is forever one's enemy. During the last 3 weeks i was invited by a friend to join their new company and offer my insight and knowledge in order to add value to "our" service offering. From the outside this bunch of people looked "professional" and "as if" they know what they wanted to do. I went in with both heart, mind, soul to try and become an asset to this new born company. The current project that made them to invite me was mouthwatering to say the least and i had a history in the related industry.

So, i made efforts to arrange all components required to get this project off the ground and do it successfully. I was befuddled to realise that i was working with a bunch of chance-takers (don't get me wrong, i love proactive people who take their chances well) but these guys hardly had a plan. A simple f*cking plan. There was no direction, no uniformity, no idea of what the f*ck they were doing. I was sold a dead duck! F*ck! I was brought in (the company) by lies and deceit. I was told that half the ground work has been done but believe me when i say : Nuttin' of that sort was there! I put my reputation on the line, made promises to people, interacted with credible entities only find out that my people are far from being credible. There was a lot of wrongs that there could never be rights. I say this because people need to learn to be professional and efficient in what ever "business" dealings they engage in.

I have since retracted my services from the "Looney bunch" and told them where to stick it..
I hope this is a lesson learned (to them). U can't f*ck with greatness if you are not close to it or have to particular formal approach. In the words of Tupac "Plan, Plot, Strategize" muthaf*ckerz!

Now-back to my old self... Spring has sprung and hope with it, brings some "light". Enjoy whatever that u do and do it well. Nuff said.