Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beckham - the brand

Finally it'd been concluded - ol' David will be plying his trade in the US. When the move was first announced, it caused quite a stir of emotions, mostly befuddled, by the then Real Madrid midfielder. Most of knew he was "unhappy at Madrid " and due to leave but the US was the last
league we thought he'd play for. Alas! LA Galaxy. *Who?* Yep. Who? Remember Freddy Adu? *who?* The teenage Ghananian- born and US citizenship-adopted ball wizard who was dubbed the next Pele? (i've lost count how many new Pele's there are now) Well he's been playing in the US since he was like 15, professionally and that's where it has been for a while. Personally i got nothing against the US "peeps" but soccer is not one of their strongholds.

I believe had Freddy applied his skills say in any European league things would have turned for the better. The MLS has stunded the African boy's growth and value. Back to Becks. Honestly the MLS has gotten better but it's not as competitive as say one of the North African leagues. Becks move was purely a monerary one. He'll make more money off the field than on it. This is one oke who got branding down to a tee. He's aware he's got pulling power, commercial sports companies wants to be associated with him.He makes a killing off endorsement deals. Such is a craze : Becks.
The 31-year-old former England captain will sign a five-year deal, reportedly worth £128m after being bought by Madrid from Manchaster United in 2003 for £50m.
The £128m deal is understood to comprise his salary, existing sponsorship contracts, merchandising shirt sales and a share of the club profits! Crazy. Galaxy needs his crowd pulling power. It's a given : full stadia at all Galaxy home games and when playing away - the home fans will want to catch a glimpse of him all this at a price.David Beckham

I hope his improves the standard and quality of soccer in the US.

For now, we just have to see how many he'll bend into the net.


Anonymous said...


Bend it like Beckham eh? We shall see my friend.


BlackModz said...

so? can uhook me up with a logo?